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Volume : 04 * Issue : 04 * Jan - Feb 2013

An Anonymous Secure Routing Using OLSR Protocol
Osiers Gyamfuah Grace, Dr. John Rajan

1645-1651 PAPER

Evaluation of Impact of Wormhole Attack on AODV
Vandana C.P,  Dr. A. Francis Saviour Devaraj

1652-1656 PAPER

Security Threats in Wireless Sensor Networks in Each Layer
Anitha S Sastry, Shazia Sulthana, Dr. S Vagdevi

1657-1661 PAPER

Design and Implementation of AMRP for Multi hop wireless Mobile ad hoc Networks
Dr.R.Balakrishna, Rajesh K S

1662-1666 PAPER

Categorization and Rating the Privacy Maintaining Data Mining Proficiencies by Applying a Data Change–based Model
Dheeraj Agarwal, Jitendra Nath Srivastava

1667-1673 PAPER

Deriving Differential Unit Test Cases from System Test Cases
Ramesh V, Ananthakumar R, KannuDurai S

1674-1679 PAPER

Improving the Student’s Performance Using Educational Data Mining
K.Shanmuga Priya, A.V.Senthil Kumar

1680-1685 PAPER

Ant Colony Optimization Based Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
K.Syed Ali Fathima, K.Sindhanaiselvan

1686-1689 PAPER

Steganography: A Security Model for Open Communication
K. Chandra Sekhar, M.Chandra Sekhar, K.Chokkanathan

1690-1694 PAPER

Examination of Impact of Flooding attack on MANET and to accentuate on Performance Degradation
Bhuvaneshwari. K, Dr.A.Francis Saviour Devaraj

1695-1699 PAPER
Volume : 04 * Issue : 03 * Nov - Dec 2012

The State of Using SMS-Based e-Government Services: Case Study in Jordan
Mohammad Al-ma'aitah, Mohammad altarwneh, Haroon altarawneh

1591-1600 PAPER

A Quality Hybrid Service Discovery Protocol

Annapurna D,K B Raja, Venugopal K R, L M Patnaik

1601-1609 PAPER

Analyzing the Performance of Diverse LEACH Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks
Jose Anand, J. Jebamalar Tamilselvi, S. Janakiraman

1610-1615 PAPER

Fuzzy based Priority Scheduler for WiMAX with Improved QoS constraints
D. David Neels Pon Kumar, Dr. K. Murugesan, Dr.S.Raghavan,

1616-1623 PAPER

A simulation based QoS review of multipath routing protocols for MANET
P.Periyasamy, Dr.E.Karthikeyan

1624-1634 PAPER

A Visible Watermarking Scheme for Digital Images in Frequency Domain
D.R.Denslin Brabin, Dr.J.Jebamalar Tamilselvi, Dr.S.Janakiraman

1635-1639 PAPER

Study On Event Matching In Temporal Database Using AGT Approach
N. Duraimutharasan, Dr. K. Sarukesi

1640-1644 PAPER
Volume : 04 * Issue : 02 * Sep - Oct 2012

Securing Oracle Database from Search Engines Attack
N. M. A. Ayad, H. M. Klash, S. Sorour

1528-1533 PAPER

Combinatorial Optimization of QoS Service Architecture
Akash K Singh

1534-1543 PAPER

Current Trends of High capacity Optical Interconnection Data Link in High Performance Optical Communication Systems
Dr. Ahmed Nabih Zaki Rashed

1544-1559 PAPER

Highly Efficient Design of DSP Systems Using Electronic Design Automation Tool to Find Iteration Bound
G. S. Satish Kumar, Hari Krishna Moorthy

1560-1567 PAPER

A Study of Collaborative Filtering Approach for Temporal Dynamic Web Data
Meghna Khatri

1568-1573 PAPER

Throughput Analysis of Symmetric Algorithms
S. Pavithra, E. Ramadevi

1574-1577 PAPER

Evaluation of Enhanced K- MEAN Algorithm to the Student Dataset
R.Ranga Raj,  Dr.M.Punithavalli

1578-1580 PAPER

Survey of Elliptic Curve Scalar Multiplication Algorithms

Dr. E.Karthikeyan

1581-1590 PAPER
Volume : 04 * Issue : 01 * July-August 2012

Admission Control Prototype for Real-Time Databases
Rahul Kumar Mishra,Dr. Udai Shanker

1456-1461 PAPER

A Novel and Efficient dynamic Key Management Technique in Wireless Sensor Network
Priyanka Goyal,  Dr.Mukesh Kumar, Ritu Sharma

1462-1466 PAPER

Modbus based Multinode Irrigation Automation
Shashi Raj K, Nayana D K, Dr. S S Manvi

1467-1472 PAPER

Signal Groups of Compatible Graph in Traffic Control Problems
Arun  Kumar  Baruah, Niky  Baruah

1473-1480 PAPER

UML Modeling for the Compression Of An Image File
Dr. Deepa Raj

1481-1485 PAPER

Surveying Solutions to Securing On-Demand Routing Protocols in MANETs
Nitish Balachandran

1486-1491 PAPER

A Distributed and Co-Operative Approach To Botnet Detection Using Gossip Protocol
Manoj Rameshchandra Thakur

1492-1496 PAPER

Healthcare Monitoring System Using Wireless Sensor Network
D. Mahesh Kumar

1497-1500 PAPER

Algorithm to Find Clique Graph
A. Ashok Kumar, S. Athisayanathan A. Antonysamy

1501-1502 PAPER

Accessing a Network using a Secure Android Application
Padmalatha Ragunathan, Kishore Sambath,Vishnu Karthik L

1503-1508 PAPER

Rule Based Expert System for Diagnosis of Neuromuscular Disorders
Rajdeep Borgohain, Sugata Sanyal

1509-1513 PAPER

A Review of Techniques to Mitigate Sybil Attacks
Nitish Balachandran, Sugata Sanyal

1514-1518 PAPER

Rule Based Expert System for Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis
Rajdeep Borgohain,Sugata Sanyal

1519-1522 PAPER

Security Architecture for Cluster based Ad Hoc Networks
Preetida Vinayakray-Jani, Sugata Sanyal

1523-1527 PAPER
Volume : 03 * Issue : 06 * May - June 2012

Modern Fiber Optic Submarine Cable Telecommunication Systems Planning for Explosive Bandwidth Needs at Different Deployment Depths  

Ahmed Nabih Zaki Rashed

1385-1394 PAPER

A Model for Performance Enhancement of Steganography through Dynamic Key Cryptography

Navneet Singh Sikarwar

1395-1401 PAPER

Hybrid Domain Based Face Recognition System

Ravi J, K B Raja

1402-1408 PAPER

FuGeIDS: Fuzzy Genetic paradigms in Intrusion Detection Systems

Rajdeep Borgohain

1409-1415 PAPER

Analyzing Reactive Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Dr. Kamaljit I. Lakhtaria

1416-1421 PAPER

A Study of Web Usage Mining Research Tools

Chhavi Rana

1422-1429 PAPER

Binary Decision Diagrams and Its Variable Ordering for Disjoint Network

Manoj Singhal, Girish Sharma , R. K. Chauhan

1430-1437 PAPER

Performance Enhancement of MC-CDMA Systems through MAP based Multiuser Detection

K. Rasadurai,  J. Dhanancheziyan, K. Pushpakodi,  Dr. N. Kumaratharan

1438-1443 PAPER

Cloud Computing Issues at Design and Implementation Levels – A Survey

A.P.Nirmala, Dr.  R. Sridaran

1444-1449 PAPER

Parallel Implementation of Genetic Algorithm using K-Means Clustering

Dr. A.V. Senthil Kumar, S.Mythili

1450-1455 PAPER
Volume : 03 * Issue : 05 * March - April 2012

Special Issue of NCETCSIT 2011

Held on 6-17 Dec, 2011 in Bapurao Deshmukh College of Engineering, Sevagram, India

Wireless Mobile Communication A Study of 3G Technology

Amit K. Mogal

01- 06


Adaptive Routing In Dynamic Ad-Hoc Network

Ajay Kumar Singh, Rosy Bhumrah



A Centralized Energy-Efficient Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

Soumen Chatterjee, Mr.Mohan Singh



Video Surveillance System Using Motion Detection –A Survey

Radha S. Shirbhate, Nitish D.Mishra, Rasika P. Pande,



A Novel Efficient Approximate Query Processing In P2P Network

A. P. Bhagat, P. P. Pawade, R. D. Jadhav



Strengthening of Data Security against its Attack

Swapnil G. Deshpande , Dr. Pradeep.B. Dahikar



Performance analysis of Integer wavelet packet transform (IWPT)- OFDM , WPT-OFDM and FFT-OFDM based on QAM modulation

Anish Ahamad, Santosh Sharma



Performance analysis of Adaptive Switching Between Space-Time and Space-Frequency Block Coded OFDM Systems using ZF and MMSE techniques.

Ved Prakash Rai, Pankaj Srivastava



Volume : 03 * Issue : 05 * March - April 2012

A Novel Wormhole Detection Technique for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Muhammad Sharif , Aisha Azeem, Mudassar Raza Waqas Haider

1298-1301 PAPER

Efficient Data Reporting Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
Siddhartha Chauhan, Lalit KumarAwasthi

1302-1310 PAPER

Energy Aware Node Selection for Cluster-based Data Accuracy Estimation in Wireless Sensor Networks
Jyotirmoy Karjee, H.S Jamadagni

1311-1322 PAPER

Optimal Routing In Ad-Hoc Network Using Genetic Algorithm
Anjum A.Mohammed, Gihan Nagib

1323-1328 PAPER

Elliptic Curve Point Multiplication Using MBNR and Point Halving
G.N.Purohit, Asmita Singh Rawat

1329-1337 PAPER

A Survey on Security Issues in Ad Hoc Routing Protocols and their Mitigation Techniques
Harshavardhan Kayarkar

1338-1351 PAPER

Comparative Analysis of Routing Attacks in Ad Hoc Network
Bipul Syam Purkayastha, Rajib Das

1352-1357 PAPER

Counter Measures to Combat Misuses of MAC Address Spoofing Techniques
Alok Pandey, Dr. Jatinderkumar R. Saini

1358-1361 PAPER

An effective Method for Attack RSA Strategy
Vibhor Mehrotra, Prakash Singh Rana

1362-1366 PAPER

Algorithms to Improve Resource Utilization and Request Acceptance Rate in IaaS Cloud Scheduling
Vivek Shrivastava, D.S. Bhilare

1367-1374 PAPER

Multiband Vivaldi Antenna for X and Ku band Applications
N. Durga Indira, B.T.P.Madhav, K. Balaji, B.Rajagopalarao, Venkata Kishore. K

1375-1378 PAPER

A Review of Color Visual Cryptographic Schemes
Prof. Richa K. Makhijani, Prof. Lavina D. Panjwani

1379-1384 PAPER
Volume : 03 * Issue : 04 * January - February 2012

Scheduling Tasks to Minimize the Total Computation and Communication Makespan
Teofilo F. Gonzalez

1215-1228 PAPER

Retrieving Packets from Losing during Service Disruption Time, During Vertical Handover among UMTS and WLAN
A. H. M. Kamal

1229-1232 PAPER

Analysis of Compute Vs Retrieve Intensive Web Applications and Its Impact On The Performance Of A Web Server
Syed Mutahar Aaqib, Dr. Lalitsen Sharma

1233-1239 PAPER

On A Traffic Control Problem Using Cut-Set of Graph
Niky  Baruah, Arun  Kumar  Baruah

1240-1244 PAPER

Comparison of RSA-Threshold Cryptography and ECC-Threshold Cryptography for Small Mobile Adhoc Networks
Dr. (Mrs). G.Padmavathi, B. Lavanya

1245-1252 PAPER

Improving Quality of Service Through Secured Routing In Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Ananda Krishna B

1253-1260 PAPER

Validation of Internet Application: Study, Analysis and Evaluation
Dinesh Kumar

1261-1269 PAPER

LAN Performance Ratings Using Fuzzy Set Theory
Dr.AK.Ashakumar Singh

1270-1275 PAPER

Secured Reconfigurable Software Defined Radio using OTA software download
Dr.V.Jeyalakshmi, Dr.G.Vijayakumari

1276-1280 PAPER

Clustering Approach to Stock Market Prediction
M.Suresh Babu, Dr. N.Geethanjali, Prof B.Satyanarayana

1281-1291 PAPER

Multipath Routing Algorithms for Congestion Minimization
B. Sasthiri, T. Prakash

1292-1297 PAPER
Volume : 03 * Issue : 03 * November - December 2011

Using Digital Stethoscopes in Remote Patient Assessment via Wireless Networks: the Users’ Perspective
R. Gururajan, H.S. Tsai,  H.Y. Chen

1140-1146 PAPER

Priority Based Congestion Control Routing    in Wireless Mesh Network
Muhammad Sharif, Maryum Murtaza, Waqas Haider, Mudassar Raza

1147-1151 PAPER

Capability-based Cryptographic Data Access Control in Cloud Computing
Chittaranjan Hota, Sunil Sanka, Muttukrishnan Rajarajan, Srijith K. Nair

1152-1161 PAPER

Elasticity Analysis of Web Browsing Behavior of Users
Diwakar Shukla, Sharad Gangele, Rahul Singhai, Kapil Verma

1162-1168 PAPER

Development of 8-lane PCI-Express protocol       using VHDL
K. Harish,  H.S Aravinda 

1169-1175 PAPER

Multidimensional Association Rules Extraction in smoking Habits Database
Shashank Swami, R. S. Thakur, R. S. Chandel

1176-1179 PAPER

Bandwidth Allocation for Wireless Data Dissemination in Multi-Cell Environments Using Optimization Techniques
K. Madhavi, K. Sandhya Rani, P. Chandrasekhar Reddy, Dr Giridhar Akula

1180-1183 PAPER

Statistical Analysis for Performance Evaluation of Image Segmentation Quality Using Edge Detection Algorithms
T. Venkat Narayana Rao, Dr. A. Govardhan, Syed  Jahangir Badashah

1184-1193 PAPER

ISA-Independent Scheduling Algorithm for Buffered Crossbar Switch
Dr. Kannan Balasubramanian, C.Sindhu

1194-1198 PAPER

Dual Polarized 16X16 MSPA Antenna   Using FR4 Epoxy
B.T.P.Madhav, K V L Bhavani, Prof. VGKM Pisipati, Venkata Ravi Teja.K, K.Rajkamal, K.V.V.Kumar

1199-1202 PAPER

Wavelet based Non LSB Steganography
H S Manjunatha Reddy,  K B Raja

1203-1209 PAPER

Image De-noising using Contoulets  (A Comparative Study with Wavelets)
Abhay P. Singh, Abhinav Mishra, Ashish Khare

1210-1214 PAPER
Volume : 03 * Issue : 02 * September-October 2011
Rapid Progress of a Thermal Arrayed Waveguide Grating Module for Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing Applications
Abd El–Naser A. Mohamed, Ahmed Nabih Zaki Rashed and Mahmoud M. A. Eid
1044-1052 PAPER

Using of Artificial Neural Networks to Recognize the Noisy Accidents Patterns of Nuclear Research Reactors

Eng. Abdelfattah A. Ahmed, Prof. Dr. Nwal Ahmed Alfishawy,Prof. Dr. Ali Karam Eldin,  Dr. Said Sh. Haggag.
1053-1059 PAPER

Dynamic Resource Allocation in Computing Clouds through Distributed Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis using PROMETHEE Method
Chandra Mouli Venkata Srinivas Akana, Sundeep Kumar K, Dr. C. Divakar,
Dr. Ch. Satyanaraya

1060-1069  PAPER

Wireless Sensor Network based Fire Monitoring and Extinguishing System in Real Time Environment
P. N. Narendra Reddy, P. I. Basarkod, S. S. Manvi

1070-1075  PAPER

Performance Analysis of MANET (WLAN) Using Different Routing Protocols in Multi service Environments-An Quantitative Study
R.K.Nadesh, D.Sumathy, M. B. Benjula Anbu Malar

1076-1079  PAPER

Code Generation for Embedded Software for Modeling Clear Box Structures

Prof. V. Chandra Prakash, Dr. Sastry JKR, D. Bala Krishna Kamesh,
1080-1093  PAPER

Ant Based Techniques for QoS Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Network: An Overview
S.B.Wankhade, M.S.Ali

1094-1097  PAPER

A New Algorithm to Detect the Non-Termination of Triggers in Active Databases
Dr. R.Manicka chezian, Dr.T.Devi

1098-1104 PAPER

Design and Analysis of Parabolic Reflector with High Gain Pencil Beam and Low side lobes by Varying feed
Prabhakar.Telagarapu, A.Lakshmi Prasanthi, G.Vijaya Santhi, B. Ravi Kiran

1105-1115  PAPER

Numerical Analysis of Dispersion and Endlessly Single Mode Property of a Modified Photonic Crystal Fiber Structure
Sandhir Kumar Singh, D. K. Singh,P. Mahto

1116-1120  PAPER

An Efficient and Robust Spanning tree Topology to Minimize Power Consumption and Data Loss in Wireless Sensor networks
P. Venkata Subba Reddy, Mahendra Raju.G

1121-1127  PAPER

Fuzzy Expert System for Diabetes using Fuzzy Verdict Mechanism
M.Kalpana, Dr. A.V Senthil Kumar

1128-1134  PAPER

Role of ANN in Secured Wireless Multicast Routing during Dynamic Channel Allocation for User Demanded Packet Optimality
Dr. B.S. Pradeep, S. Soumya

1135-1139 PAPER
Volume : 03 * Issue : 01 * July-August 2011

Next Generation Large Capacity Long Distance Fiber To The Home
N. M. A. Ayad and M. Elazazy, H. M. Klash


An Integrated Survey in Efficient Energy Management for WSN using Architecture approach
Ali Norouzi,  Ahmet Sertbas


Current Security Considerations for Issues and Challenges of Trustworthy Semantic Web
Akhilesh Dwivedi, Suresh Kumar, Abhishek Dwivedi, Dr. Manjeet Singh


Detection Architecture of Application Layer DDoS Attack for Internet
Sanjay B Ankali, Dr.  D V Ashoka


An Efficient Parallel Algorithm of Modified   Jacobi   Approach for Sparse Linear System
Bikash Kanti  Sarkar,  Shib  Sankat   Sana,  G. Sahoo


Challenges in maximizing the life of Wireless Sensor Network
D.G.Anand, Dr.H.G.Chandrakanth, Dr.M.N.Giriprasad


Performance Analysis of Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm

K.Ranjini,  Dr.N.Rajalingam

Disseminated Public-Key Management and Certificate Generation Scheme for MANET 
Sanjay Kumar Chowlam, Dr. N. Geethanjali


Architectural Performance of WiMAX over WiFi with Reliable QoS over Wireless Communication
Sunil Kr. Singh, Ajay Kumar,Siddharth Gupta, Ratnakar Madan


Processing Reliability based a Clever Task Allocation Algorithm to Enhance the Performance of Distributed Computing Environment
Dr.Kapil Govil


Pipelined C2Mos Register High Speed Modified Booth Multiplier

N.Ravi,  Dr.T.Subba Rao, Dr.T.Jayachandra Prasad

Study of Various Attacks in MANET and Elaborative Discussion Of Rushing Attack on DSR with clustering scheme
Rusha Nandy,  Debdutta Barman Roy

Volume : 02 * Issue : 06 * May-June 2011